denver back pain specialists

How Denver Back Pain Specialists Can Help You

Denver back pain specialists know how to point out where your back pain is coming from and how to treat it. Back pain is very common, especially since most people will experience it at some point of their life. Whether it’s your lower, middle or upper back there are serval reasons why you may experience this pain.


Reasons for Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons ranging from stress to a severe auto accident. The structure of the back is complex consisting of tendons, ligaments, disks, muscles and bones that can be damaged or irritated. That is why injury is not the only cause of back pain, but conditions such as arthritis, obesity, urinary track infections, kidney stones, and even stress can lead to such pain.

denver back pain specialists

Causes of Back Pain

  • Disc Problems
  • Muscular Sprains
  • Ligament Strains
  • Tendon Strains
  • Subluxations
  • Stress


If you’re experiencing any of symptoms of back pain then a chiropractor can help you. Anderson Chiropractic have the right Denver back pain specialists that will pin point the problem through a complimentary examination. After the examination is completed, they will find out whether or not they can provide treatment for you. If not, then you will be referred to someone who can help you. If a chiropractor does turn out to be the right solution for you then you will be given an effective scheduled treatment to ease the pain and get you back on track.