Horrible headaches following a car accident are common—and (in most circumstances) effectively treated with rest and medication.

But, sometimes, headaches can linger on for weeks or even months.

If you’re experiencing lingering headaches, a chiropractor can provide you with the relief you want and need.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What Your Physician Did Following Your Accident

Following your accident, your physician probably ordered a CT and/or MRI to determine if you had any brain injuries. If the test(s) came back negative, the physician likely gave you some pain medication and advised you to rest. This was an important part of your treatment, but it (obviously) didn’t prevent your lingering headaches.

Why Your Headaches Won’t Go Away

Whiplash experienced during your accident can cause the bones in your neck to become misaligned. This limits nerve activity and blood supply to your head, thus resulting in headaches. Without treating the misaligned bones, your headache will continue to linger on.

How a Chiropractor Can Help You

A chiropractor can evaluate your neck, and then come up with a treatment solution to eliminate your headaches. They’ll adjust your neck to:

  • Normalize your spinal function
  • Restore spinal nerve activity
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce nerve irritation

Your treatment solution will typically consist of a series of adjustments rather than a quick fix that provides temporary relief.

Headaches following your accident need not linger on. If you’re experiencing headaches that won’t go away, please don’t hesitate to contact Anderson Chiropractic. We’d love to help provide you with a lasting headache solution.