In my years of practicing chiropractic therapy, one of the most common, if not the most common injury, that I have had to address with my clients is whiplash.

Odds are if you have been in a car accident or some other type of collision involving high speeds and the painful realities of Newton’s laws of motion, then you too have had whiplash.

And while there are many cases where symptoms are mild to non-existent, more often than not, you will need to schedule at least a handful of chiropractic treatments to ensure that the damage does not worsen later down the line.

But if this is your first time coming to a chiropractor, what can you expect from the treatment?

1. McKenzie Exercises and Stabilization Activities

One of the most common tactics that Chiropractors will employ is to use Mckenzie or stabilization exercises to help treat whiplash.

The purpose of a McKenzie exercise is to reduce the derangement of discs that is so common with a whiplash injury.

The great thing about these exercises is that, while they are initially completed during a session, they are a quick and easy transition into “self-treatment” at home.

They are also beneficial because they allow patients to take a more intentional approach to their recovery, completing the exercises whenever they feel the need instead of needing to book another appointment.

Stabilization Exercises on the other hand help to correct poor movement patterns that you may have in your everyday routine activities.

These treatments help retrain the nervous system to improve coordination and control movement which improves your neck stability.